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NetOne adds over 100k new subcribers while Econet lost about the same number in Q3 2020

NetOne Econet

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe’s (POTRAZ) sector performance report has revealed that NetOne is on the ascendancy. The mobile network operator (MNO) gained 149 104 active subscriptions in Q3 2020 while the dominant player in the market Econet lost 163 884.

Q2 2020Q3 2020Variance
Econet8 766 9688 603 084-1.9%
NetOne3 306 1733 455 2774.5%
Telecel725 157725 4240.04%
Total12 798 29812 783 785-0.1%

Econet was the only MNO to lose ground when it came to active subscriptions. Even Telecel made a marginal 267 gain in active mobile subscriptions.

Why is Econet losing ground while NetOne is on the up?

One reason for this might be to do with the RBZ’s directive that called for everyone to have only one mobile money account on a network. EcoCash being the biggest MNO had a number of subscribers who had multiple accounts.

With the forced closure of one or more extra EcoCash accounts, it stands to reason that many would have simply stopped using the other line(s). This I think also points to a number of people looking for an alternative additional mobile money option and OneMoney is the next best alternative.

Another big player in the mobile money scene are money changers. Without multiple EcoCash wallets, they would have leaned heavily on the OneMoney wallets they took to when the MMO held the no transaction fee promotion late last year.

Will NetOne continue to gain ground?

NetOne recently launched the Giga Thanks Promotion which rewards long-time, new and returning subscribers with free data and airtime. This promotion is NetOne doubling down on the boom they are currently in and I am sure many will be tempted to dust off and reactivate their old NetOne line or purchase a new one.

When the figures for Q4 2020 come out, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that NetOne has increased its active subscriber base.

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