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Offering civil servants pay-as-you-go smartphones, solar & loans, PremierCredit to receive US$650k investment


PremierCredit is an online micro-lending startup that is based in Zambia but also operates in Zimbabwe. The business focuses on giving financial support (by the way of loans) to small to medium enterprises, and civil servants. PremierCredit seeks to help aspiring individuals realise their ambitions through its financial services.

In a report by Venture Burn, the startup is set to receive US$650 000 from venture capital fund Enygma Ventures. The investment into PremierCredit by Enygma is because they saw the company work in financing individuals and businesses in the informal sector.

“PremierCredit has a proven track record of supporting the informal sector and making informal trading possible for many by providing timely and appropriate loans to help businesses thrive. After an extraordinary year, it has been incredible to see women-owned businesses still thriving and creating expansion plans despite the pandemic.”

Sarah Dusek, Managing Partner and co-founder of Engyma

PremierCredit in Zimbabwe

As previously mentioned, PremierCredit is there to support SMEs and Civil Servants. However, their work in Zimbabwe has been focused mainly on civil servants. PremierCredit recognised the escalating price of things that have become a necessity in this digital world.

PremierCredit’s range of products on lay-by includes:

  • Solar lights, geysers, and panels
  • Electronic devices that range from smartphones, tablets, PCs and home appliances. (Smartphones include mid – high-end Infinix, iTel and Tecno devices)
  • Serengeti bicycles
  • Ivy African Apparel

To facilitate all those products and the loans, PremierCredit has partnered with BancABC‘s “BancEasy.” We reached out to PremierCredit to get more information about their services and they said that BancEasy is the platform they use for their products and services.

Application and requirements for civil servants

To apply for PremierCredit’s services and lay by products civil servants need the following:

  • A copy of thier payslip
  • National Identification Card
  • Proof of Employment

You can apply online on PremierCredit’s website. After completing it you will have to visit their offices at 69 Jason Moyo Avenue 3rd Floor Hungwe House North Wing, Harare.

The process for approval according to the folks at PremierCredit takes about an hour. Beyond applying on the conventional platforms, they send out sales representatives around the country to look for any interested parties.

PremierCredit is looking to expand the number of contact points they have through satellite booths in rural areas and branches in cities and towns.

For information you can contact them through the following channels:

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