Technikari Ep 5: Sasai Watch is set to take on YouTube in Africa. Will it work?

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Technikari, Podcast

Technikari (Episode 5) the podcast where we talk about everything Tech.

On this episode, we talk about Sasai’s new YouTube competitor Sasai Watch. The African super app now wants to become a content creation platform on top of all the other things it offers. What does Sasai Watch have going for it and will it be successful on the continent?

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  1. Willard Shoko

    SASAI Watch.
    To win over youtube they have to make sure their architecture from the ground up is very scalable. They do have the advantage that the fibre spans all of Africa but its going to require caching servers similar to Netflix OpenConnect. Also, they will have to be able to liase with other ISPs to provide QOS across all networks. On the bright site this could result in more internet exchange across africa meaning that website in Africa will be able to loader faster.

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