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Technikari Ep 7: If ZIPIT Smart takes off, how could EcoCash innovate to remain relevant?


Episode 7 of Technikari: We talk about ZIPIT Smart and the potential battle it will have with EcoCash.

However, we first chat a bit about ZimSwitch’s role as the national payments switch and then a look at what ZIPIT Smart actually is and all the benefits it has. Lastly, we pivot to EcoCash and how it can innovate to stay relevant if ZIPIT Smart takes off in a big way.

Since its Christmas, we kept the recording going and you can check out the Technikari crew talk about Pizza, cooking and many other things.


You should also check out the episode where we were joined by Farai Mudzingwa from Babyboy Gaming discussing Cyberpunk 2077.

Technikari Ep 6: Cyberpunk 2077 Special with Babyboy Gaming

If oyu are in the mood for something more down beat. We have another podcast called Tisu Vanhu Vacho where the media team at TechZim talks about anything and everything. On the latest episode Shamie (our Social Media Editor) tried to get Ed and Valentine into the festive mood and it almost worked.

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 10: Christmas Special!!!

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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