Video: Top 10 most viewed Techzim videos in 2020

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Right here is a compilation of 10 videos that got the most views on the Techzim YouTube channel.

Number 10 we have the Itel s32 review. It’s the 1st ever itel smartphone we reviewed and it looked like a good bargain at the time in 2018. Most of the views it got came oddly enough from Ivory coast.

Number 9 with 3936 views is the Tecno camon cx air review and this one one of many Tecno reviews that we did. Entry level phone but with a steep asking price for what you got. There is actually a review of the camon 16 to look out for so make sure you are subscribed for that.

Number 8 might have been a marketing misstep for econet with their private wifi bundles. The bundles themselves work the exact same way as normal data bundles but because of the name most of you guys thought you need specific gadgets like mifis for them to work. Actually there were no special needs for this bundle to work on any device.

Ahh yes. DroidVPN is at number 7 and a number of you were not too happy that we made this one spilling the beans on how some of you were stealing…accessing free data from NetOne without paying a cent. Using a product or service without paying for it is not very nice. 2020 was tough but stealing just makes it tougher for the next person. So be nice.

Number 6 is a phone that both impressed and disappointed me. At 130 bucks the GTeL infinity 8s was well within reach of a lot of zimbos, it looked good, felt solid and was an overall well rounded device for the price. BUT and it’s a bit BUT. They lied about their cameras. Of the 3 rear cameras only one works and the other 2 are literally for decoration. Not cool GTeL.

Number 5 straight out of 2017 is the introduction of the status feature to whatsapp web. Nothing much has changed regarding the look and feature set of the status part of whatsapp web but somehow a lot of people felt like checking that video out.

Number 4 is the Mini DC UPS and this one was a great little gadget that I felt needed a bigger battery. As it says in the name it provides uninterrupted power to all devices connected to it including the wifi router which was one of the most important home appliances in 2020. 6 hrs is what i got from it whilst using it to power a wifi router.

Number 3 again a throwback from 2017 was a whatsapp video explaining how you can potentially use the status feature to see who is stalking you on social media. Pretty much was just informing people of the ability to see who has viewed their status once they put it up. This however only shows contacts saved in your phone so if the stalker is not in your contacts then tough luck.

One of my favourite experimental videos made it to number 2 which is the hp envy 17t long term review. It basically contains my experiences and discoveries while using this laptop. All the bit i hated and loved over the 6 month course i had it. It’s all in there.Over 31 thousand views that this one got.

Then the number one most popular video all the way for 2017 with 40 225 views and most of those coming from india is an app review. The app in question is cloneit and it basically does what it says. Clones everything from your old phone to your new phone. One of the most useful tools to use when transferring your data from an old phone to a new one with little hassle.


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