Whatsapp has added a shopping carts feature

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Whatsapp is fast-moving from just an instant messaging app to also a business app through Whatsapp business. Various businesses like restaurants and clothing stores are turning to the business app as it has proven to not only be a cheap way of engaging with customers but highly effective as the app has an estimated 2billion users around the globe.

The new feature

Whatsapp has identified that more and more shopping is taking place through chats and has introduced the new shopping carts feature. The new feature makes buying and selling easier for users as carts help buyers keep track of their shopping and sellers keep track of orders especially if they sell a variety of goods.

For Zimbabwe, the lockdown restrictions of 2020 cemented Whatsapp’s importance as more and more small businesses sold their merchandise on the app which has 5.2 million users in Zimbabwe.

The carts feature allows customers to browse through catalogues and select items that are ordered in one message. The feature also cuts past the back and forth that usually takes place between customers and businesses as order inquiries are better managed, making the experience more convenient.

How to use the Whatsapp feature

I. Open WhatsApp.
II. Go to your chat or business profile of the business you’d like to order from.
III. Tap on the shopping button icon listed next to their name to access their catalogue.
IV. Once the catalogue opens, browse through the products you’d like to order.
V. Tap on the item you like.
VI. Tap ADD TO CART on the item if you’d like to order.

If you have specific queries about an item you can tap on MESSAGE BUSINESS. The Carts feature comes just after the Shopping button was introduced to WhatsApp in November for both iOS and Android users. Both features are just in time for holiday shopping.

For more information on how to use the feature click here or here

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