ZINARA banking on NMB tap card to ease toll gate congestion

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Last week we were made aware of the network challenges that were causing congestion at tollgates. The issue affected toll fee payments with bank cards. POS Machines along Zimbabwe’s highways were unable to connect to the network in order to complete transactions. In that article, we listed payment options from ones that cause the least hassle to the downright stressful. Well, there is another option, and to be honest, it’s always been there but its relevance has been brought back into perspective. NMB has since 2019 had a contactless card called the “Tap and Go” and ZINARA is banking on this solution to ease congestion at toll gates.

NMB Bank has entered into a partnership with ZINARA and Intertoll Zimbabwe to be a financial services provider for toll fee payments. Since bank payments have been a problem NMB is bringing its contactless card for anyone travelling this holiday season.

Why has ZINARA enlisted NMB’s tap card & what problems does it solve?

So the first thing that card solves is the issue of network connection. According to NMB the Tap and Go card doesn’t require an internet connection to make a transaction. This means that even if there is poor network connectivity on the route you are on, you won’t have to use any other payment option.

Since the card is a contactless payment solution all you need to do is tap at the terminal and you will be on your way. This will drastically reduce wait times and queues at toll gates.

What are the benefits of the NMB contactless card

The one thing that I am always wary of is transaction charges. They are the one sticking point that influences my decision on whether I will sign on to a service or not. Fortunately, NMB’s Tap and Go card has no transaction fees. Once you have funded the card you are good to go.

It is also useful for:

  • Those with large fleets manage costs.
  • It allows you not only to pass toll gates but pay parking fees and ZUPCO bus fare.
  • You can top up the card via EcoCash, toll gates, NMB Branches and registered agents.
  • Limits physical contact because you won’t have to enter a PIN
  • Transactions are processed really quickly.

So where can you get one?

You can purchase the NMB Card at its branches nationwide, however, NMB says that you can also get them at toll gates. But since the availability at toll gates could be a problem, it’s probably best to get one before you set off.


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  1. Lee chimbidzikai

    The tap and go card is a way to go , the cash is very limited these days.

  2. Lee chimbidzikai

    The tap and go card is a way to go. The cash is very limited these days.

  3. Lee chimbidzikai


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