Agribusiness Media to roll out online video content for farmers

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Agribusiness Media

Agribusiness Media is a company that provides education, business and market content for farmers through its free Agribusiness Magazine and the Agribusiness Directory. To add on to that the team has announced that it will be launching video content for farmers available on the company’s social media and YouTube channel.

“It is one of our initiatives to enhance farm businesses in the digital era. We are taking advantage of the change in farmers’ media consumption pattern, from traditional to digital. Most farmers today now have smartphones and are very active on social media” 

Agribusiness Media

The content that Agribusiness will be airing will cover:

  • Information on products and service providers
  • Crops
  • Livestock
  • Farming equipment and machinery
  • Agri-tech
  • General Farmer education.
  • Farmers organisations
  • Agriculture financing and institutions
  • Markets and marketing institutions

“We believe farm business information should be readily available and accessible. Information is power and contributes directly to agricultural productivity. The channel will also act as an indirect tool for empowering farmers to make informed and quality decisions which will have a positive impact on the way agriculture and allied activities are conducted.”

Agribusiness Media

Agribusiness TV will be broadcasting on all of its social media platforms:

For more information you can contact Agribusiness Meadia on  +263 774 121 076 or or 

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  1. Anonymous

    A great initiative, well done Agribusiness Media

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