Due to the lockdown, RTGS operating times have changed

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The lockdown has meant that normal business hours and the operations that come with them have had to be augmented. One of those operations is RTGS transactions, and in a tweet by First Capital Bank, the facility’s operating timeline has changed in line with the prevailing public health measures:

We advise of a change in the RTGS operational timelines during the current National Lockdown period as per guidance from RBZ. All our valued customers and clients are now required to transact from 8am to 11.45am, Monday to Friday to meet the new requirement. Any transactions initiated outside of these timelines will be carried forward to the next business day excluding Saturday.

First Capital Bank

Since the notice mentions instruction from the RBZ it stands to reason that the new RTGS operating times will affect all banks.


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Yanis Star
2 months ago

But it has been like this since the first lockdown. They had not reverted back to the normal we new. Its good though that the bank is reminding us.

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