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Over ZWL$200k vanishes from Nyaradzo account in a suspected card cloning case


Nyaradzo Funeral Services has reportedly lost over ZWL$200k in a case the police suspect to be card cloning or card theft. In a report by CITE, the incident came to light after the Donnington Branch’s (Bulawayo) accountant sent a security guard to purchase groceries.

The incident was confirmed by the police and the following statement was issued by Inspector Abednico Ncube:

We received a case of theft which occurred under Tshabalala area where on the 20th of December the accountant of Nyaradzo Funeral Services Donnington West who gave an ATM card to Genesis Mlala, a male adult aged 35 years residing at Pumula East who is the internal security of the company to go and purchase the company groceries for the kitchen.

Upon making a transaction at Ok Mart, the card declined due to lack of funds in the account.

Then this Genesis Mlala phoned the person advising her that there were no funds in the account and was told to return back to the office.

Some investigations were carried out by the company and an online bank statement request revealed that an unknown accused person swiped using the company ATM card on some shops in town and withdrawing ZWL$203 673 without company approval.

A report was made to the police; no arrest yet, but it was observed that the company ATM card was kept in a locked drawer in the accountant’s office.

We are investigating to establish which card was used to swipe. Was it the same card which was being kept by this accountant or a duplicate card was used? Investigations are in progress.

The Inspector added on by saying that members of the public should keep their cards safe and never exchange cards or give their pin to anyone.

Card cloning is a topic that NMB Bank issued guidelines on a couple of months ago. With this event, that information is now more crucial than ever. You can check out NMB’s recommendations in the link below:

NMB issues notice on bank card cloning & card safety

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5 thoughts on “Over ZWL$200k vanishes from Nyaradzo account in a suspected card cloning case

  1. Given that every bank has transaction notifications, I think the custodian of the card is also to blame/involved.

    1. I can see you aren’t a regular user of debit cards in Zim. The sms system is very unreliable. Sometimes the message comes in very late or never comes in.

      1. I use my card regularly and have email notifications in addition to SMS notifications. Surely, with a “shared” card, that should be the default. Don’t create excuses for negligence.

  2. I work for a Bank and that case is not card cloning. Vakabirwa and guard akarohwa anotaura. Zim Switch these days yakumberi unobatwa chete plus ma CCTV emushop haunyepeCr

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