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Xiaomi joins Huawei on the US’ naughty list


The Trump Administration is days away from being history, but before it bows out, it is taking one last swing at Chinese Tech firms. Xiaomi, China’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer, has been blacklisted by the US’ Department of defence on grounds that the company has ties to the Chinese Military.

The blacklist isn’t as dire as the measures taken against Huawei. In Xiaomi’s case, US citizens, entities and companies cannot invest in the firm. This means that Xiaomi won’t lose Google Services support, and access to Qualcomm chips according to a report by The Next Web.

So in short the ban affects the purchase of Xiaomi shares and securities. This means that Qualcomm will have to divest its stake in Xiaomi by the 11th of November.

This decision could be overturned by the incoming Biden Administration but that remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds and if President-Elect Biden will address this and Huawei’s situation in his first 100 days in office.

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4 thoughts on “Xiaomi joins Huawei on the US’ naughty list

  1. I don’t think Biden will do anything on Huawei’s Case in my own Opinion

    Why because they will have to reinstall the Huawei Technology in their Country again

    And this might affect his reputation

    But i wish all this who does this ends but Huawei is also not turning back on their Plan B Harmony OS

    And i just love it when we do have A lot of players in this OS field

    Remember Tizen from Samsung

    That was a Trial on their Z series but what they failed was to intergrate Tizen with Android which in the Case of Huawei’s Case they managed to

    Soo in conclusion i hate it when American Tech Firms fight to be on the Top whilst they are some Firms who are making Great Gadgets down but because they are not American Firms i do hate it

    Same in the Case of Whatsapp , Sasai and Telegram

    WhatsApp is now playing the Monopoly game


    Wish a new player can be a success

    In my opinion just wants Sasai to take over but haibooo Mr Masiiwa didn’t consider launching it as Free to access remember in the Old days i used an App Called Binu not because it was well developed but because it was Free he was supposed to lure people then start Charging them later

    1. Huawei is in big trouble, we only have 2 mobile operating systems because Google and Apple have both created an ecosystem which users are hooked on. Furthermore, Huawei is unable to make more competitive chips as they cannot work with any manufacturer that can produce using either the 7nm or 5nm process

      1. Chips Chips Chips

        True but i like Chinese Companies

        They improvise

        Do you really know Huawei

        What goes around comes around i tell you

        Rumor has it that Huawei is turning to Apple to try and make their own Chips

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