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Zimbo cracks FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Top 100

FIFA FUT Champions Leaderboard

Gerald Tinashe Vuta is a local gamer who has cracked the FIFA Ultimate Team Rest of the World Champions Leaderboard Top 100 (at the time of writing). He goes by the gamer tag “GN_Vut3lov” and we got a chance to ask him questions thanks to Thomas Phiri from E-Sports Zimbabwe.

Can you give us a little bit a brief background on yourself and when did you start playing FIFA?

“Gerald Tinashe A.A. Vuta and I stay in Waterfalls, Mainway Meadows. I am relatively new to the online scene, I started in 2017 but only became more consistent on FIFA 19 when I switched from PC to PlayStation because PS has a bigger community.”

Are you part of the PC MasterRace or you now prefer playing on console?

“Lol I love playing on PC but PlayStation has a bigger and more competitive community when it comes to FIFA in our region, so it’s one of the few games I play on Console. I also play Apex, COD and Mortal Kombat.”

How did you manage to climb up the ranks and how long did it take you to get into the top 100?

“Well I think it’s down to consistency, and learning from my previous mistakes. I’ve come close to Reaching the elite 1 level several times and each time choking in the last few games, and also been destructed by my internet connection most times getting DCs.”

What’s your current FIFA online line team like, and how much have you spent on FIFA coins/points?

“Compared to the teams I face online, my team is more on the low-end side. I will attach a picture of my team. Lol, I spent no money on FIFA points. Maybe that’s what’s attributed to me getting elite 1 in January, I believe I would have gotten it earlier if I had spent money on FIFA points.”

Have you taken part in any local or international FIFA tournaments?

“Yes, I have taken part in several tournaments mainly locally though. I have won at least 2 tournaments in a FIFA season since FIFA 13.”

Do you have any advice for anyone who might want to do what you have done?

“Well, I’d say consistency and patience are key to achieving elite, and also learning from one’s own mistakes. Learning from your opponent is very important as well.”

Do you have a YouTube channel where we can watch what some gameplay?

“At the moment I have a Twitch channel but I’m working on content creation but I do have a lot of content I will be posting soon. As I do have like a lot of raw footage.”

Gerald will be representing Zimbabwe in the Africa E-Sports Championship grand finale alongside Austin Moyo who is currently representing Zim in Afro Caribbean E-Sports.

The team will also be comprised of Hazel who recently beat Eugenia from Ghana. You can watch that match with the link here.

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