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Brisk Logi Eats, the newest food delivery & logistics service

Brisk Logi Eats

There is a new player who is hitting two on-demand spaces. The service is called Brisk Logi Eats and it is tackling both logistics and food delivery.

Now, I am sure that there are many of you who are thinking “Don’t we have enough food delivery services?”. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple, we need competition in the space so we get competitive deals and variety.

The more companies that are in the industry that are competing for our money, the greater the likelihood that they will be forced to innovate in order to keep themselves in our attentions.

So let’s dive into the first aspect of Brisk Logi Eats

Food Delivery

Much like Tazine Eats and Munch, Brisk is offering a wide array of resteraunts and outlets including:

  • Antonio’s
  • Cabana
  • Pogos
  • Pizza Hut
  • Coimbra
  • Nito’s Chill &Grill
  • Lugar De Pollo
  • Kow Lee
  • The Grub
  • Simply Grilled
  • Old Queen’s Curry
  • Pamugoti
  • St Elmo’s (and more)

As with all other delivery services Brisk Logi Eats charges per distance and the prices are as follows:

Distance Price (in US$)
0 – 3 km3.00
3 – 5 km4.00
5 – 7 km5.00
7 – 8 km 6.00
9 – 12 km8.00
13 – 16 km12.00
more than 16km1.00 per km (on top of the max price of 12.00)

The fees that Brisk are charging a little more than what Tazine, for example, is charging. However, they have a few restaurants that I haven’t seen on Tazine or Munch. This is might be the explanation on the slightly more expensive delivery charges.

The team at Brisk team says that they will deliver up to 30kms from the restaurant that a customer orders from. That is quite the generous distance from my experience with food delivery apps.

Another feature of this service is that they will also let you order from multiple restaurants in one order.


There is currently no in-app payment option on Brisk’s app. The operation works with mobile POS for swipe and EcoCash but that can only be done upon delivery (as well as cash). The team at Brisk Logi Eats says that they are working to incorporate in-app purchases in an update to the app that is coming soon.


The logistics arm of the business operates mainly through WhatsApp. The company is taking orders of up to 100 Kgs and they are charging the same amount as for food deliveries.

The Brisk app has also incorporated stored like Storo and Liqwid (Alcoholic Beverages), so you can order any products from those stores through the application for delivery.


Brisk Logi Eats has come out of the gates with a generalist approach. They have obviously seen what a number of companies in the space are doing and they have added aspects to their business model that people are in need of in these times.

It’ll be interesting to see how it progresses in the ever-changing spheres it operates in.

You can download the Brisk Logi Eats app with the links below:

Or you can contact then on WhatsApp using the number 0787056950.

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  1. Like with all these mobile money vending situations, there is always the problem of paying for something and not receiving the goods. I have this problem with TechZim and ZETDC Token payments. Paid my money and still waiting for the token. And then when I message, I get absolutely no response, as if it doesn’t matter… TechZim you owe me 1,400 bucks or a token.

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