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FBC and NMB are shutting down their old bank apps


NMB and FBC are shutting down old versions of their respective bank apps. The change is a lot less stark for FBC clients than it is for some NMB customers. FBC Bank looks like it is just asking customers to update from the old Mobile Moola App to the new one. While NMB is asking customers who were still on the NMB mobile App to migrate to the NMB Connect App.

FBC Bank

Dear Valued Client,

Please be advised that the current version of the FBC Mobile Moola app will be disabled on Sunday the 31st of January 2021.

In light of the above, we urge you to re-install the updated Mobile Moola app by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Clients who do not update their application will not be able to transact on the old version henceforth.

FBC Bank

Links to the updated version of the Mobile Moola app:

Your OS will at some point update the app but if you are facing any issues with it, then you can use the links links above to do it manually.

NMB Bank

“Dear Client, We will discontinue the use of our NMBMobile App with effect from 31/01/21. Kindly Download the NMBConnect App today available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store or dial USSD*241#, self-register and start transacting.”

For any assistance required kindly, call 08688003347-8 or WhatsApp 0775710000

NMB Bank via SMS

Links to the NMB’s Connect App (Android, iOS)

I have been using the NMB Connect App after I applied for a lite account via USSD and I have to say I am impressed thus far.

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2 thoughts on “FBC and NMB are shutting down their old bank apps

  1. While the NMB App is quite impressive, their fees are hilarious. I opened an account via USSD and downloaded their app. I hadn’t put money into the account yet, wanting to get a feel of the app’s UI and features. After opening a couple of menus and options itstarted reflecting a negative 15 balance. I found that weird. So I refreshed and it went back to zero, thought that was a glitch, so I continued exploring. When I went back to the home page it reflected a negative 30 balance. Like before, I refreshed it and it disappeared. I left the app and pulled up the USSD platform, logged in to the account and requested an account balance. It was negative 45!

    So I quickly figured that when I was tinkering I opened the account balance tab twice, once at both intervals, making a negative 30 balance which made it up to $15 fee for Balnce enquiry. And the another $15 when I inquired via USSD. While all platforms require some sort of fee to inquire on your balance, I think its ridiculous to run customers into negative balances when their accounts are at $0. Other platforms, like the FBC acc I opened soon before, don’t do this. They will simply tell you that there’s insufficient funds to request a balance, that in my view, is a better way to let the customer know what they need to know without throwing them in debt for exploring their options on the app, particularly those of us whose first bank accounts were opened online and would undoubtedly feel robbed already having negative balances 5 mi utes after opening the account for simply exploring the Banking App.

    OR, NMB could follow FBC’s example, it doesnt seem like FBC charges the balance enquiry on the app, I was able to use that option with 0 money in it and I wasn’t charged into debt.

    I’m a tech guy, easily won over by good app implementations, but I’m not willing to fall into debt testing out said apps.

    Otherwise, very good applications from both FBC and NMB. Looking forward to using them a lot in the future.

    @TECHZIM, for those who opened their accounts via USSD, how do we go about collecting the physical cards for those Accounts? For POS swiping purposes?

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