Hi-insure allows you to order vehicle licences via WhatsApp & delivers to your doorstep

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With the current lockdown there has been a need for more services to come to where we are. Be it at work for those who essential workers and might not have the time to attend to that purchase. Or its the rest of us who don’t want to venture out and would prefer the convinience of getting something delivered.

Vehicle licences and insurance are among those payments we need to make quarterly. It’s often easy to forget to do them or simply not being able to find the time. There have been services that have made acquiring your ZINARA licence, radio licence and insurance easier, for example, Geneinsure’s automated licensing machines.

However the real convinience is having the option to have your licence disks delivered and that’s exactly whay Hi-Insure is promising to do.


Order over WhatsApp and get your disks delivered

Hi-Insure is a mediator of sorts for Clarion Insurance, Champion Insurance and Sanctuary Insurance. They offer anyone on those services or who would like to use those services to buy 3rd party insurance over WhatsApp. In doing this you’ll also be able to get your ZINARA and radio licence.

All you need to do is send the word “hi” to either one of the insurance services’ WhatsApp bots:

  • +263779426950 for Champion Insurance
  • +236779426974 for Clarion Insurance
  • +263716116157 for Sanctuary Insurance

You’ll then get a menu with the option to buy Insurance, ZINARA licence, radio licence or all of them at once. You’ll then need to enter:

  • Your name
  • ID number
  • The city you reside
  • Vehicle licence plate number
  • The weight of the vehicle (there are weight options given by the bot)
  • The class your vehicle falls under (Private Car, Commercial vehicle etc)
  • You’ll then get a readout of the amount the licence(s) will cost and the option to start over or confirm the details.

When you have confirmed your details you can then pay for your insurance either via EcoCash, swipe or cash upon delivery. The delivery option is available for residents in Harare and Bulawayo. For users outside these areas, you can collect the disks and make the payments and the nearest insurance office. So if you picked Champion Insurance for example you’ll then have to go to a Champion office near you.

According to the guys at Hi-Insure there is no delivery fee for the disks. What they do require however is to see the vehicle’s registration book upon delivery.

If you are out and about and the insurance service you have selected is along your way you can pick up your disks there but like home delivery, you’ll have to bring the registration book with you.

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