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Learning Factory

Education has been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Mainly because there was no comprehensive e-learning framework for Zimbabwe before the lockdowns began. As well as a dearth of online learning platforms. This has changed however as there have been a number of sites and services that have been launched covering messaging apps like WhatsApp all the way to augmented reality (AR) assisted learning platforms like the one run Phenomenal Technologies. The “in the middle” platforms are those that are available online like Smooth Lectures and the newest entry Learning Factory.


Learning Factory is an education technology business which distributes material in a number of formats. The company offers courses to aid O-Level and A-Level students as well as developing courses for professional and personal development.

The courses for “O” and “A” Level on offer include combines sciences, history, geography, mathematics and more for forms 1 to 6th form. Lesson packages have two variants, ones that are for self-study and those that have tutorial support.

All lessons, be it self study or with a tutor, all include explainer videos and video of experiments, notes, assignments and tests. The site’s creators say that there is no special software that is needed to access the interactive material. As well as videos on the site being optimised to ensure that data is conserved.

Price of courses

The cost of e-learning packages depends on the level of study and whether it will be tutor assisted or not. If you, for example, are a parent who has the time to walk through a subject with your child or your child is well adjusted (performs better when left to his/her own devices) then self-study courses are probably the way to go. Prices for that on Learning Factory are ZWL$100 for Ordinary Level and ZWL$200 for Advanced Level per month.

For students who require or need a tutor, the price goes up to ZWL$1000 per month for “O” Level and “A” Level students will be charged ZWL$2000 per month. Payment options on Learning Factory include Paynow or EcoCash.


It is an interesting e-learning service, the creators say that they want to use the platform to optimise the performance of their students. This, I think, is particularly useful when approaching a learner who has a medium they prefer, for example, videos over notes.

This could also help the tutors better tailor the other content into a format that those who don’t prefer it can easily digest.

You can check out Learning Factory for yourself with the link here.

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