NetOne data services are up and down due to a technical fault

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NetOne data services have been ailing since yesterday and this was confirmed in a Facebook post from the mobile network operator (MNO).

Important Notice

Dear valued customer, NetOne would like to apologize for the intermittent data service being experienced. Our engineers are working flat out to restore normal service.


NetOne via Facebook

The problem seems to have started at around 18:30 hrs on Saturday the 13th of February. According to unconfirmed reports, one of the two gateway modules that process data traffic is down and all traffic is being processed through the remaining module.

Because of this, the MNO is working at 75% capacity at present hence why internet connectivity has been spotty for subscribers.

If these reports are indeed true, then NetOne should have notified it’s subscribers earlier. Many would have thought there was something wrong with their device and would have clogged up customer services lines looking for an explanation that should have been spread far and wide.

Another thing NetOne and other MNOs should look to doing in the event of faults like these is reimbursing subscribers’ data and bundles. It’s hardly fair to announce that we have a fault and a subscriber, for example, was on a NetOne night bundle but couldn’t use it properly because of this issue.

Hopefully NetOne can get this issue sorted out post-haste.

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  1. Tyeon

    When is the data going to be rectified !
    You are happy to take peoples money for data upgrades but it is working at maybe 10% .
    How do you justify taking peoples money with a system that doesn’t work

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