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NetOne is facing challenges with data services… again

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Last weekend, NetOne announced that it was facing problems with its data services. The connection would go up and down or would be consistent for a short while and then fall off completely. It seems as though things haven’t gotten better because over the week there have been pockets of NetOne subscribers who have been complaining about connectivity issues.

The state-owned mobile network operator has sent a message to its customers which reads much like the Facebook post it put out last week.

“Dear Customer. We apologise for the current data connectivity challenges. Any inconvenience caused is regretted. We are working to restore normal service.”

At this point, it would be pointless to hope because NetOne hasn’t notified customers on expiring data bundles what time they can expect normal services to be restored. Or what the cause of the service disruption is.

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6 thoughts on “NetOne is facing challenges with data services… again

  1. both Econet and net1 seem to be having serious challenges with their services! I didn’t have proper internet connectivity and ecocash services as from Thursday. today it’s a little bit better but someone was complaining about Econet this afternoon. I’m at koBulawayo la! both need to fix their services! ASAP! siyacela bantu bakithiiiii

  2. Econet services are absolutely shocking. Pvt wifi delays,buffering,streaming. Data shocking. Downloads so slow I will be dead before seeing anything .
    They sent a message that everything was restored? Well to whome?? 5 x days!!

    1. Econet at least notified it’s customers yesterday and it restored connectivity in the afternoon. As for netone there was no notification of any sort, the internet was down the whole day and it has only started working around 2am on Sunday. Econet at the moment is better, I use both for data and that is my personal observation.

  3. Both Netone and Econet service is shocking over the past few days. The lack of communication, Forfeited data bundles should have POTRAZ involved by now. This is no longer an inconvenience but passing financial losses to already struggling consumers.

  4. The least these service providers could do is reimburse clients for lost data/ call bundles.
    Week in week out clients lose out through no fault of their own. Who benefits but the service providers.
    Sometimes I think it’s deliberate on their part to maximise on profit.

  5. All these network providers must do something abt their networks especially econet mukutibira ur wifi bundles ar very slow to open anything unless its 12midnyt to 6am so should we be witches to use ur data cz maskati rakadhakwa zi network renyu mukutibirira

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