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RBZ warns traders & retailers to accept ZWL$5 note or else…

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has issued a statement warning any traders and vendors that if they don’t accept the ZWL$5 note then they will have to answer to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

The full statement reads as follows:



The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is investigating cases involving traders who are rejecting $5 notes for payment for good and services. Such conduct is not only counterproductive but also criminal. ‘Those affected or inconvenienced by this malpractice should report to the Bank, the FIU or the nearest police station. The Bank urges all traders to conduct their operations within the confines of the law and respect consumers.

The Bank advises that all notes issued by the Bank and in circulation are still legal tender.

John P Mangudya Governor

23 February 2021

RBZ via Twitter

If you encounter a case where a trader doesn’t accept your ZWL$5 note the contact details for the RBZ are in the link here.

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5 thoughts on “RBZ warns traders & retailers to accept ZWL$5 note or else…

  1. …or else what? You don’t fight with the market and win. Where are the coins now?? Some people never learn.

  2. You cant fracuture the who system with threats for your failed conduct.You really have started reducing from policy making to threat making, what a malfunction you are the whole system.

  3. wakwira kombi from town to chitown worambirwa 5bond notes then rbz governor okuti enda unorepoter pa st Marys police station

    that’s stupid thinking

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