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Was Batman Vs Superman (BvS) really that bad?

Batman vs Superman, BvS

To say Batman vs Superman (BvS) was a divisive movie is an understatement. The movie was loved by some and critically panned by the film intelligentsia and viewers, even those who were faithful members of DC comics fandom. Like any other thing time is the judge and with Zach Snyder back at DC, well for the Snyder Cut, how did Batman vs Superman age and how will it fit into the DC universe going forward?

We went over BvS’ merits, its shortcomings and, of course, we couldn’t have a comic book movie conversation without some Marvel sidetracking.

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One thought on “Was Batman Vs Superman (BvS) really that bad?

  1. Zod was a driven, trained and hyper lethal individual who threatened human genocide. Half measures would have only lead to an untold death toll own the road (ahem, Joker!). As for the Martha bit, it was a little contrived but I didn’t mind it. My favourite part was weirdly the Zod Supes fight from Bruces perspective. It was an excellent setup that the rest of the movie had a hard time living up to. 8/10 for me

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