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You can now sell your goods on Fresh in a Box-like site for a fee

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So you know how Joey’s Pizza and Bottle Store all have the same sort of look and feel like the Fresh In A Box app? Well, that isn’t only because they are owned by Kuda Musasiwa but it’s because those platforms were being used as a testbed of sorts for a new product.

The Fresh in a Box Chief Vendor tweeted out that if you want the same sort of functionality and features as FIAB you can for US$99 a month.

So what are the benefits?

The first and biggest is that you don’t have to hire or find a developer to create a platform for you. You can now just pay a FIAB US$99 a month in order to run a site with all the same features, which include:

  • Payments through Paynow, ZIPIT and EcoCash for local currency and VISA, and Mastercard for forex transactions (with the banking of Stripe, DPO and Contipay)
  • Ease of setting up, all you’ll need to do is sign up, pay and then you’re in. The Fresh in a Box team will help you set up your store.
  • Lastly, you’ll have some name brand backing for your e-commerce business because FIAB is pretty big in these parts.

The US$99 a month will also get you, Unlimited product listings, email notifications, live chat, 24/7 support, user accounts and a free SSL Certificate.

Beyond the US$99, are there any other fees?

Well, like any service there are add on charges

ProductPrice per month (US$)
Kitchen App49.99
Fresh Logistics0.00
SMS Notifications 49.99
Android App49.99
iOS App49.99

This means if you want all the above for an online store and all the bells and whistles, you’ll have to shell out US$298.96 a month. That’s a steep price for most but I am sure there are people out there who can probably afford it.

The platform becoming the product

The price point may be out of the reach for most but I am sure there are people out there who will see the utility in this. The one big one is that you don’t have to get a developer to build something for you from the ground up. With Fresh in a Box’s platform, you can set up a lot faster and then funnel resources and time into your product catalogue.

On FIAB’s side of things, this is an interesting approach to the e-commerce boom. Making the platform part of the product catalogue means they are hitting e-commerce on all fronts. They have their own wares and now they can prop up, those who can afford it, with their experience and know-how.

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4 thoughts on “You can now sell your goods on Fresh in a Box-like site for a fee

  1. Struggling to see why anyone would pay that much monthly when you can get a fully functional e-commerce website for just about the same amount per YEAR

  2. Intresting how 2 similar solutions were introduced right around the same time. Nice to see that the market is maturing enough for tech firms. Zimbabwe shall soon be on the list of African markets to pay a close eye on.

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