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You can now report ZESA faults on WhatsApp in Harare

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National power supplier ZESA has announced that residents in Harare can now report faults on WhatsApp. This development follows the torrent of faults that have been happening in the region and countrywide.

The statement reads as follows:


The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) wishes to advise its valued customers in Harare Region that it has introduced additional fault reporting WhatsApp lines to give customers more options and channels to enhance service delivery. Customers can now report faults through the following numbers:-

District Customer Service Centre WhatsApp Number

East: CBD, Borrowdale, Mabvuku and Ruwa 0719219977

North: Kuwadzana, Mabelreign and Warren Park 0715519387

South: Glenview, Sotherton and Waterfalls 0715519389

Chitungwiza: Makoni and Zengeza 0715519389

GENERAL MANAGER – HARARE REGION For more information contact its on: Email : ; Twitter : @ZetdcOfficial Facebook : ZetdcOfficial Website : WhatsApp : +263719219977/+263715519387/+263715389


Reporting ZESA faults via WhatsApp will make it easier to contact the national power supplier in the event of an outage, but I doubt it will affect ZESA’s response times. There have been a number of reports that faults are attended to far too late, leaving residents in the dark for days.

ZESA will also need to roll this out in other parts of Zimbabwe. It’s all well and good to have it in Harare but faults have been happening countrywide. I doubt it’ll take all that much for the national power supplier to get devices that can run WhatsApp in all corners of the country.

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60 thoughts on “You can now report ZESA faults on WhatsApp in Harare

  1. Kindly assist us in Shamva electricity is erratic here we only get electricity once or twice a week it is affecting our operations on the Farm

  2. Kindly assist us in Chitungwiza close to Town Center we had an electricity fault since Thursday 25 February 2021. Kindly get in touch with me on +263783248800

  3. I live in Budiriro 2.This is our second year now without a transformer.I March last year efforts to get electricity were made and were attached to another over loaded transformer. We cannot cook with our stoves especially during pick hour. Electricity are always on and off that we are forced to switch off all gadgets.Our transformer was removed maybe for repairs two years now. Kindly assist

  4. We have been paying our bill without any problem, i think we only skipped 3 times, since 2019, but we received a bill in amount of 38000, can you please explain where we are going wrong its a post paid.

  5. Good day

    We do not have electricity in Hatfield, St Andrews Street. Kindly assist, this is day 4

  6. We do not have electricity in Kuwadzana Extension, Hebert Chitepo area for the past 4 days.please assist

    1. Report the issue to ZESA, in my experience they are very responsive these days. Try to DM them on Twitter.

  7. No ZESA in my house only, no-fault inside the house, all paid up.
    16 Bevan road

  8. We do not have zesa in Highfields,Lusaka since last we wondering what’s going and we need help please

  9. We do not have zesa in Highfields,Lusaka since last night and we wondering what’s going on.we need help please

  10. We don’t have zesa three days now zesa whatsupp fault no assistance what’s the matter now what should we do

  11. Power supply is skipping households in unit N, Seke opposite seke 4 high the far end going towards jambanja market

  12. Does Zesa have a timer for underground cable fault as our always happens fortnightly from 9:30 Sunday to Tuesday and at times Wednesday in Sentosa/Mayfield Park area

  13. There is no ZESA at the Avenues – 5th, 4th, 3rd street along Josiah Chinamano. What is the problem and when can we expect service to be restored?

  14. I stay in Nkwisi Gardens we always hv blackouts almost fortnightly and if its a fault it will take at least 2 full days to be solved or even more.we cant rely on zesa anymore u always celebrate if get back home and u see zesa there.Zesa guys are so disappointing

  15. hello, we do not have electricity in Egypt Highfield Harare that is 132rd,133rd and 134th streets only and its been more than 3 weeks and all the others have electricity

  16. We do not have electricity it’s been 5 days now Craneswater Hatfield, only 4 houses including mine, the rest have. Seems to be no progress in fixing the problem

  17. These faults that are happening in Westgate are becoming too much. Why don’t you jus give us the faults timetable.

  18. the numbers are not on WhatsApp and they don’t take incoming calls, why do you even give us false hope!? It’s not even hard to set up a WhatsApp phone number for services like this that are so important, this is absolutely embarrassing so many faults being reported nothing is being done about it🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. what’s going on in Budiriro 5A we don’t have electricity for the past 5days its only few households (mubanana area)

  20. Good day we don’t have electricity in Mungongoma Road Mufakose
    But other houses do have electricity
    May you kindly assist us

  21. Please assist its been almost a week now without electricity .Budiriro 5A ,mubanana area please please do something

  22. It would appear that the Whatsapp platform is not being attended to, messages are not being read so faults not being recorded and responded to.

  23. we hvave a problem of electricity ,its now one week and it seems like there is no fixing .location is tynwald south….its like this faulty thing happens at our area many times and its becoming boring .so i hope you guys fix this problem as soon as possible

  24. We have had consistent power cuts in Glenwood Epworth near Tobacco research for the past 3 days and many other days whilst other holdings have….this is greatly worrying.

  25. I have sent msg on app to check on the progress oof our electricity being restored, but there is no response, I was given fault number last night 258208’as.
    Kindly help by attending to that fault number I can’t get any progress updates on your official whats app lines

  26. there has been no zesa in granary since last night some hjouses have some dont .its near sosa shops .0772390951

  27. Why why Zctdc, why why, electricity will come exactly 1300hrs and by 1900hrs it will bi gone in Mbare National whas the problem communicate with the people hey

  28. Mr Mapepete is requesting money for fuel for Glen view 3 residents to be attended to since Complains were lodged on Sunday 7 May

    I think his superiors should look into the matter asap or we engage ZACC on the issue

  29. Good morning, there’s a fault in Zengeza 5 extension near Limbani Shops, Masowe street, there are sparks after every now and then.
    Contact 0774997090

  30. No transformer for Kuwadzana 7 since October 2021 Zesa please explain I’s iit political or corruption?

  31. We do not have zesa in part of the house in Fountain blue Julia Zvobgo Kuwadzana Phase 3. It’s been days now.

  32. We do not have zesa in part of the house in Fountain blue Julia Zvobgo Kuwadzana Phase 3. It’s been days now.

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