ZimboFit: the story of Zim’s newest fitness app

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Late last month we reported on ZimboFit, Zim’s newest fitness app. The application has some peculiarities in that its a PWA (Progressive Web Application). Why this is strange is because many of us are accustomed to having a downloadable app that we can use on our phones.

A PWA is the same but you’ll access it through your web browser. After that initial report, we thought it would be great to have the creator of the application Takunda Mujuru on to tell us more about it.

The discussions covered the following:

  • [04:00] The inspiration behind ZimboFit, the market the application is targetting and partnerships with trainers and nutritionists.
  • [12:09] The effects a PWA has on sharability since ShareIt is really big in Zimbabwe
  • [16:00] Why they chose a PWA instead of a conventional app, any plans for an Android or iOS app
  • [17:58] What the initial reception was like as well as the things they overdesigned and maybe underperformed on. How they are learning from those experiences going forward.
  • [22:06] Types of workouts and exercises as well as personalisation on Zimbofit.
  • [28:02] A beginner’s guide to making the most out of Zimbofit
  • [35:37] The business model, prices and how the trainers and nutritionists are paid
  • [39:43] Aspirations for the app going forward. Is it ever going to move from a one-time payment for the exercises to a monthly subscription model?

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