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We have all been there I am sure… That moment when a pipe bursts and we need a plumber ASAP or there are some electrical gremlins in a home we have recently moved into and we need someone local and reasonably priced. In situations like these, the knee-jerk reaction is to start looking for help in WhatsApp groups because a Google search in Zim more often than not leads to a dead end.

WhatsApp groups can be useful, especially neighbourhood ones. But getting help usually relies on someone with the information seeing your message and reporting in a timely manner. The sad thing about this route is that we usually never get the help that we need when we need it and it can be a little frustrating.

Enter ZimHelp, an online platform that is looking to address these concern and it is targetting the issues from two angles.

The local small-to-medium business

As a business owner or professional, it is difficult to gain visibility in this online world that has been created by the pandemic. You can be talented and competent but not have channels to advertise your services.

You could also be perfectly positioned to help someone in your area but without them knowing who you are or what you are about. That person may eventually go for an alternative that may be a lot less convenient.

ZimHelp is looking to aid you and your business gain the visibility you need by simply registering on the platform, which you can do with the link here. After that, you can then create a listing for the services or products you offer.

The party needing assistance

I am guessing many of you are now thinking

“Why list the two parties in reverse order. Surely the person who needs the assistance should come first”

This is true, however, the only way a site like ZimHelp can fulfil its function is if local businesses sign up. Only then will you get the assistance you need, in the area you live and with a wider array of rates you can compare and contrast.

Now, earlier on I mentioned two angles and the second angle falls on the customer. Similar to Yelp, you can rate and review a business or service, ensuring that you help pass on your experience to others who are seeking something similar.

The data issue… (we can’t escape it unfortunately)

A service like ZimHelp resides outside the popular bundles that we all rely on. This is what makes WhatApp an all in one platform in Zimbabwe. However, as previously mentioned with ZimHelp you will be broadcasting to a much wider audinece than your contact list and groups.

This I think might make it worth it to register for the service just so you have another marketing channel.

Since we are on the subject of marketing, you should check out the conversation we had with Trust Nhokovedzo who is a digital marketing specialist. He gave us some tips and tricks on how to market a business on WhatsApp and other online platforms:

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