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Econet voice, SMS & data bundle prices – March 2021

Econet, Econet data bundles,Econet data bundles prices

Econet has finally come instep with the other three MNOs terms data bundle prices. NetOne led the way and Telecel followed closely behind.

These prices take effect today (March 10th 2021)

Econet data bundle prices

Daily data bundles
Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
20 MB17.0020.00
40 MB32.0038.00
80 MB64.0077.00
150 MB116.00139.00
250 MB190.00228.00
600 MB300.00360.00
1200 MB450.00540.00
Weekly data Bundle
Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
20 MB17.0020.00
60 MB48.0058.00
160 MB126.00151.00
250 MB195.00234.00
370 MB240.00288.00
Monthly data bundles
Data AllocationNew Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
100 MB84.00101.00
270 MB225.00270.00
500 MB400.00480.00
700 MB530.00636.00
1 400 MB1000.001200.00

Social media bundles

Daily Bundles
DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
4MBWhatsApp and Pinterest4.005.00
12MBWhatsApp and Pinterest10.0012.00
20MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai17.0020.00
20MBFacebook, Snapchat and Sasai17.0020.00
20MBInstagram and Sasai12.0014.00
20MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai12.0014.00
45MBInstagram and Sasai36.0043.00
45MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai36.0043.00
45MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai27.0032.00
45MBFacebook,SnapChat and Sasai27.0032.00
Weekly Bundles
DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
65MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai51.0061.00
140MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai105.00126.00
140MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai105.00126.00
140MBInstagram and Sasai75.0090.00
140MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai75.0090.00
Monthly Bundles
DataPackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
240MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai174.00209.00
400MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai285.00342.00
400MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai285.00342.00
400MBInstagram and Sasai195.00243.00
400MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai195.00243.00
Private Wi-Fi Bundles
DataOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Sasai Bundles (unchanged)
Data AllocationPrice (ZWL$)
Daily 20 MB2.00
Daily 45 MB5.00
Weekly 65 MB6.00
Weekly 140 MB14.00
Monthly 220 MB25.00
Monthly 450 MB35.00
Voice and SMS bundles
Bundles of Joy
PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 2 Minutes7.008.40
Daily 4 Minutes15.0018.00
Daily 10 Minutes37.0048.00
Weekly 30 Minutes126.00164.00
Weekly 45 Minutes185.00241.00
SMS Bundles
PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 5 SMS1.902.09
Daily 10 SMS3.804.18
Daily 25 SMS9.5010.45
Daily 35 SMS13.3014.65
Weekly 75 SMS20.7023.81
Weekly 125 SMS34.5039.68
Weekly 200 SMS55.2063.50
Weekly 300 SMS82.8095.25

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3 thoughts on “Econet voice, SMS & data bundle prices – March 2021

  1. I could not access internet for 2 days after I bought bundles, after the notice period. Funny enough I was refunded the bundles after the increase today on the 10th so that I could buy an expensive bundle. Humbavha hwacho huri legendary.

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