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Local startup creates immersive virtual tour of Old Mutual’s hub

Virtual263 Old Mutual Eight2Five

Virtual263 is a local startup that creates virtual tours of physical locations. The company saw an opportunity with the pandemic to give businesses, and the public at large, a way to showcase and visit places they otherwise couldn’t because of the lockdowns. Virtual263’s recreations are pretty cool and are similar to the ones that you would find on Google Maps Street View. In line with its business model and to help the local startup ecosystem Virtual263 has partnered with the Old Mutual powered Eight2Five Hub.

Virtual263 Eight2Five tour

The purpose of the tour is to give entrepreneurs and startups a remote tour of Old Mutual’s Eight2Five facility. On top of that, the tour also contains information about the space:

These descriptions will allow those interested a better look at which spaces are better suited for their use case. In the example above a freelance or independent operator might want to consider the South West Hot Desk if they want to make use of the Eight2Five hub.

More businesses could look into something like this

Even though businesses are opening up, Virtual tours are something that more companies with space for rent should look into. It is a very convenient way of showcasing your spaces without having foot traffic on the premises.

Another added advantage is that these tours are a once-off investment if nothing else changes about the premises. Companies can use them over and over again.

On the prospective tenant’s side of things, this drastically reducing costs. You won’t have to travel to a location in order to do the first viewing because all you’ll need is a data bundle which is far cheaper than actually driving or taking transport out to see.

Virtual263 offers Matterport 3D virtual tours like one that was created for Old Mutual’s Eight2Five space. They offer their services for any business from tourist destinations to schools that might want potential new parents to get an off-site view of a school they might want to send their child to.

You can check out the Virtual263 Eight2Five virtual tour for yourself with the link here

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