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Now that Mobdro is gone here are some legal ways to stream sport in Zimbabwe

So a lot of people on social media have been asking why their modded version of DStv is no longer working. The DStv mod app stopped working about over a week ago because the individual behind the application was arrested. And that’s not even the biggest revelation I have for you: there never was a DStv Mod app.

The charlatans who make fake mods

A while ago I covered the Netflix mod app. The modded app claims to be based on the original Netflix app and the people or person behind the app claim that they have found a way to allow people to access Netflix’s library for free. A cursory examination shows that claim is false. The app is just a mod of another pirate app called BeeTV apk. The only thing different is the icon launcher. The lazy person who made did not even bother to change the BeeTV splash screen. Let’s hope they were just as lazy when it comes to adding malware to the mod although I somehow doubt that.

The same thing applies to the DSTV mod. It was just a modded version of the popular Mobdro streaming app. The app did provide streams to popular channels such as MTV, MTVB, Sky Movie channels, BT Sports channels, NBC sport, and Sky Sports channels. Most people didn’t care enough to notice that none of the streams in the app had DStv, MNet or SuperSport branding.

The above examples are just two instances where people who love free things are duped. One can be certain that the modding did not stop at adding a fake icon. The charlatans who engage in such practices would probably want to cash in on their efforts. Sometimes they add popup ads who-knows-what-else in those mods. Mobdro had over 43 million regular users and some of these came through the fake DStv app.

Sometimes ignorance is your enemy. These charlatans don’t just mod and create fake premium apps. They also take perfectly free open source apps and create fake or modded versions. Just search for VLC mod and you will see millions of downloads for a “modded version of VLC”. These scammers sometimes even demand payment in order for people to be able to unlock features of free software!

Here is how to stream this weekend

So your DStv mod app stopped working, how are you going to stream your team’s match this weekend? The answer is “legally”. There are legal and grey ways to stream content that are far much better than using modded apps. The first method is to use DStv’s official app itself.

Let me tell you a public secret. Anyone who has a DStv subscription can legally download the DStv app, install it on their device and use their existing dish account to stream content. By anyone I mean anyone, but here is the good news, data and internet access are expensive.

How is that good news you ask? Well, because it means that your friends, cousins and relatives who afford DStv are probably not using their streaming access because they cannot afford to. In any case, even if they are streaming they are probably only using one stream. All you have to do is ask for their permission to get access and you are good to go.

Like a true millennial you can actually continue to live off your parents even when you are living in your rented cottage far away from their menacing gazes. All you have to do is make sure to ask for their permission and get the smartcard number and phone number linked with their DSTV account, create a DStv Now account and you are good to go. Chances are your parents don’t even have a DStv account yet.

Another less attractive way is to use ShowMax Pro. For US$18.00 per month, you can get access to most sporting event although I am not sure about UEFA. You can split the bill with your bestie and end up only paying US$9 per month and get to stream any match you want. Despite the amount being asked for here, Showmax Pro is better than DStv, you get access to more games and sport instead of being limited to whatever content your boquet allows you to watch.

Now both methods may sound like a hustle but besides the fact that they are legal, there is less risk to you in terms of getting infected, there are no annoying popups, the video quality is good and you can actually choose your streaming quality.

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