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The popular remittance service Senditoo has today announced that its customer can now collect their funds at CABS branches nationwide.

Senditoo has been on quite the run of late, the partnership with CABS marks another milestone in the company’s progression into being one of the really big players in the remittance space. Just last month the Senditoo announced that Zimbabweans in the diaspora can now buy ZESA tokens through its platform.

The addition of services like ZESA token purchases is something that we think will become commonplace in the very near future in the remittance space. Sending money isn’t enough anymore, sometimes paying for services like DStv, paying council bills and more we think will become part and parcel of any remittance service.

We have already seen this from another African remittance startup called Uhuru Wallet. And with World Remit (as well as Senditoo) offering airtime purchases is just a matter till this catches on.

On the CABS side of things, Senditoo is another feather in its cap. The bank last year added World Remit to its catalogue of Money Transfer Agents (MTAs). Remittances are big business these days, Zimbabwe recorded over US$1 billion in money sent from abroad and the more services CABS can add the better it is for them.

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    hie i want to receive money from SA the person uses standard bank how do i go about it

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