TelOne assembly plant targetting 150K devices a year

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TelOne ZITCO Device Assembly Plant

Yesterday the government commissioned the Zimbabwe Information Technology Company (ZITCO) device assembly plant in Msasa. The factory is a joint project between TelOne, Chinese firm Inspur and a government-owned business called Flushcord Enterprises.

ZITCO is the first-ever ICT plant in Zimbabwe and the assembly plant, before its commissioning, had already produced 2500 desktops and laptops.

On top of computers, TelOne Managing Director Chipo Mtasa said at the commissioning event that they are looking to diversify into smartphones, smart electronic meters, renewable energy products (the assumption is solar accessories), electronic waste management among others.

The biggest takeaway from the event are the ambitions TelOne has for the ZITCO plant. TelOne plans to employ over 400 people, and at some point TelOne wants the technicians at the plant to be 75% female. Added to that TelOne projects that the plant will be making somewhere around 150 000 devices annually.

“We expect that after this commissioning, ZITCO will now be moving towards full production, where production capacity of up to 150 000 units can be achieved annually.”

Chipo Mtasa, TelOne Managing Director

Chipo Mtasa went on to say that the TelOne ZITCO assembly plant has been certified by Microsoft and is in partnership with Hexing, the aforementioned Inspur, and other unnamed manufacturers.

The devices assembled at the ZITCO plant will come with full local support and TelOne is also looking to explore the export market when the plant is running at full capacity.


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  1. Zitico

    Funny, just the other day I was daydreaming about what would happen if we bought LG’s mobile division. Turns out we have Zitco.

    And let me just say, I’m too poor to be a brand snob but holy schizer, they better be making some next level hardware if ZITCO is the consumer facing brand! That hard core parastatal name seriously knocked down the probability of me buying something from them by at least 60%😂!!!

  2. Yanis Star

    With Chipo Mutasa, it’s possible. She has got the brains, not sure if she has the right people around her. Best wishes there!!

  3. big

    “TelOne wants the technicians at the plant to be 75% female”. Very inappropriate statement.
    Drive for equality should not mean war against the male gender. Always remember, the two genders complement each other.

    1. Jacky

      @big. You are absolutely right. This thing is really wrong. We can’t intentionally unemploy men. This company has high chances of failing

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