Twitter has suspended Matigari’s account

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Twitter Ban Nigeria

Twitter has suspended prominent political commentator Matigari’s account. What the cause of the suspension is unknown, however, Twitter usually suspends user accounts that have violated the following in its terms of service:

  • Safety rule – these include violence, terrorism, abuse, sensitive media, and illegal goods or services, and harmful content
  • Privacy – private information and nonconsensual nudity
  • Authenticity – Platform manipulation, impersonation, and civil integrity
  • Third-party advertising in video content.

This isn’t all that new for those in the political sphere. Last year Information Secretary Nick Mangwana had his account suspended. The suspicion at the time was that it was down to fake followers on the account. This is something that Twitter takes serious and even though the theory wasn’t confirmed there was some evidence that gave the theory legs courtesy of a website called Spark Toro.

The site analyses a sample of a followers from a Twitter account and then asseses what percentage of them could be fake followers, bots or scam accounts.

To rule out fake followers we ran a search on the site using Matigari’s Twitter handle and the site said: “user not found”.

It seems like the site may no longer be able to assess accounts that are suspended by Twitter. In any case, I am sure we will hear all about it if/when the account is reactivated.


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  1. Munya

    You social media users give this matigary too much clout and attention.he is bigotted , tribalist , racist and sows division on the basis of his so called intelligence. No one questions him on that and calls him out on his divisive nature. Good riddance if you ask me

    1. Mbada

      I agree with you. I have no idea how someone so toxic survived that long. I wonder if he will start tweeting using his tchinyamakobvu account lol

    2. Imi vanhu musadaro

      Ironically, both you guys seem like you followed him a lot. 🤣🤣

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