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Twitter needs your help as it reviews rules for world leaders


With politics and political disclosure constantly changing, Twitter is coming to its users to help frame a policy for dealing with world leaders and elected officials.

Twitter has had a difficult time policing politicians and world leaders after it banned Donald Trump on account of the comments he made which contributed to the January 6th “insurrection” where his supporters stormed the US Capitol building.

The company now wants to know what the public thinks should be the appropriate punishment for a world leader or elected official who breaks the rules. Twitter will be doing this through a survey that will start circulating from the 19th of March to April 12th 2020.

In addition to public input, Twitter will also be consulting with academics and human rights activists on how to deal with world leaders.

“We’re also in the process of consulting with a range of human rights experts, civil society organizations, and academics worldwide whose feedback will be reflected in forthcoming revisions to the policy framework.”


This makes a lot of sense but…

Including it’s users is a good move by Twitter. However, I think Twitter is going to have a tough time finding a way to strike a balance what with all the varying political ideologies out there.

Whatever the outcome of this survey has, one or more side are going to claim that the platform has some political leaning. And to those individuals, who are most likely going to be screeching “freedom of speech!!!“. Its good to remember that Twitter is a private company.

It isn’t a public or govt run message board that has to accommodate everyone’s musings and ramblings. Including the public in this, I think, is one hell of an olive branch. In most cases, Twitter would just publish a revision to its terms of service.

Whatever Twitter decides, after weighing public and academic opinion, is going to shape how world leaders communicate on the platform.

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