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ZOL ends free 30-minute ZOLspot access

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Today is a dark day… ZOL has discontinued the free 30 minutes of internet access that anyone could access through the ZOLspot locations dotted all over the country. We got wind of this when sources informed us that ZOL had killed the service yesterday.

Like all things of this nature we had to go and test it for ourselves and well…

If you are to visit a ZOLspot now there is no option for the free 30 minutes. You’ll have to buy a voucher to access the internet. If you have registered for Fibroniks on the Go you can use the data you have for your home broadband through ZOLspot.

End of an era

I don’t think what I am about to say is an overstatement. ZOLspots were where many startups began. Internet access in Zimbabwe has always been a scarce or expensive commodity and there are many who launch their big ideas through a ZOLspot.

It is sad to see it go but it’s hard not to sympathise with ZOL. Things aren’t good these days for any business. And I can imagine that they could no longer afford to have that free service up. It seems like the drive now is to get as many people as possible to pay for their services as possible.

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3 thoughts on “ZOL ends free 30-minute ZOLspot access

  1. They actually can afford because they pay a service provider like Liquid Telecom, Seacom for opening the day channel for a period of time usually Yearly or Quarterly.

    Thereby opening a free hotspot for people isn’t going to change their cost, they can only recover it through selling packages so people where no longer buying vouchers and ZOL Packages that much because of the tight situation

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