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Google’s phone app now lets you automatically record calls from private numbers


Back in January Google rolled out a call recording feature on the Android Phone App. This feature allowed Android users a native way to record phone calls and not have to rely on a third-party solution. It seems like Google has expanded the feature’s ability according to a post on XDA Developers. The Google phone app can now be set to automatically record calls from private numbers.

via XDA Developers

There is however a caveat. The feature is only available in certain locations and some places in the world need both parties to consent to the call recording. Anyone who calls you is notified that the call is going to be recorded ahead of time.

It is still a pretty good deterrent if someone is up to no good. I can imagine if they received a notification that the call was being recorded they’d reassess their position.


The records for the calls are stored on the device, so there is no cloud option for the call recording which is pretty cool. With the frequency of data breaches these days it would be an absolute nightmare of a private conversation was to find its way on to the interent.

The example above from the Xiaomi Mi A3 and there have been reports that the “automatically record calls from private numbers” feature is also there on some Nokia phones as well.

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