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Kwekwe-based carmaker secures US$1 mil deal with US firm

Hende Moto, Max Sound Corp

Hende Moto, a Kwekwe-based carmaker, has secured a deal with US-firm Max Sound Corporation which will see the latter providing high definition audio equipment for the former’s vehicles.

“We have the worldwide rights for high-definition audio, an audio where somebody, when driving will have good music sound and our technology, provides that to every vehicle they are going to be producing. Every audio they are going to have available will be utilising our technology.”

Greg Halpern, Max Sound Corporation CEO via The Chronicle

If you haven’t heard of Hende Moto before, I am right there with you because this is the first time I am coming across them. The company reportedly assembles 3-wheel vehicles which look identical to Tuk Tuks. Hende Moto imports the vehicles 75% completed and then finishes the job locally. The deal between Hende and Max Sound Corp is reportedly in the region of US$1 million and might rise to as much as US$10 million.

On top of the audio equipment the deal is said also to include the development of hybrid and electric vehicle capacity.

“As Hende Moto, we are moving towards the production of electric vehicles so that Zimbabwe and Africa at large are not left behind in terms of offering technology and this also precludes the dumping of cheap imported goods like vehicles by the developed world to Africa.”

Dr Devine Mafa, Hende Moto CEO

If all goes well with this one we could see an electric car plant in Kwekwe which would be a step in the right direction for the vehicle assembly industry in Zimbabwe.

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2 thoughts on “Kwekwe-based carmaker secures US$1 mil deal with US firm

  1. haha what a hilarious scam Devine Mafa has cooking up. When he’s not snatching purses from old ladies – he’s conning people in fake crypto investments and sending unsolicited nudes to women (look him up)

    Question – where is the website for this obvious Titan of Industry, Devine Mafa? Surely such a genuinely successful businessman has a website for all of his lucrative dealings, correct?

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