Looking for a free intro course for programming & computer science?

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Emzini weCode is offering a free online CS7: Introduction to Programming and Computer Science course. The programme will have a particular focus on the interpretation of computer programs from a programmers perspective.

The CS7 course, according to Emzini weCode, is a college-level course that is modelled after Computer Science courses offered at Ivy League Universities like MIT and Harvard. Emzini weCode’s CS7 program is going to based around the programming language Python 3 because of its popularity in the industry and in academia.

To qualify for this opportunity you need to have knowledge of A Level Mathematics however competence in another programing language is not a requirement.


Applications for the CS7 Programming & Computer Science program close on the 25th of April 2021 and you can find the application form with the link here.

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Edson Mutinhire
3 weeks ago

does this certificate help in getting a job?

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