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NetOne is going after NashTv with OneTv

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So… NetOne is coming into the entertainment space with a new online channel called OneTv. This new endeavour looks like NetOne has recognised that people are getting most of their entertainment online. I am sure you are all aware of NashTv’s popularity and the huge success that was Colors Vibes.

It appears that NetOne is trying to do the same with the launch of OneTv on Facebook and YouTube. From what we understand this is going to be purely an entertainment platform so it might not feature NetOne’s other product offerings.

What’s even better about this is that NetOne has collaborated with a number of local artisis and will soon release the “One World Album”

The album will include Holy Ten, Jah Signal, Allan Chimbetu, Allanah, Tinashe Magacha, John Cole, Mbeu, Pro Beats and Lee McHoney.

Ok NetOne, we see you…

To be honest I’m kind of excited about this. For the artists and content creators who will work on OneTv this I think is a guaranteed payday. On NetOne’s side of things, they have aligned themselves with known brands that will make OneTv sticky.

I for one can’t wait to see what OneTv offers and how it will compete with other online channels in Zimbabwe.

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