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Printflow’s website has been suspended


It looks like Printflow’s web site has been suspended by the company’s hosting service Webdev. When we accessed the site we got this error message:

So if you aren’t familiar with Printflow, it is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest and oldest printing house. It was established in 1947 and offers its services to private and public entities printing, map, catalogues, financial documents as well as anything that is required of it.

Why was Printflow’s website suspended?

To answer this we will have to take a little detour into what web hosting is. If you are a company that has a registered domain you’ll most definitely need a web hosting service to make your website available to anyone who types into their browser.

Web hosting works much in the same way as renting a house or an apartment. You store your belongings and have a place to seek shelter but you have to pay a fee to do so.

This is the predicament that Printflow has found itself in. The company might not have paid Webdev to host its website. And like any landlord, Webdev will have to revoke the right to use its facilities.

The only way to resolve this will be to pay the hosting fee and all will be well again.

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7 thoughts on “Printflow’s website has been suspended

    1. How so? They reported a fact that some of us found interesting, and took the chance to make it a teaching moment. Did you want them to go further by asking for confidential agreements? Minutes of the internal meetings between IT and management? Get a whistle blower to leak that yes indeed, printflows hosting lapsed?🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Don’t be silly, this is not worth reporting on at all. You probably didn’t even know or care that Printflow had a website.

        Sadly, as well, they’ve rushed to imply that Printflow is in arrears, yet there are many reasons why a website could be taken down. The site could have been hacked, it could be hosting malware, it could have infringed copyright.

        Maybe TZ are talking from experience, by having not paid their own hosting. But, you shouldn’t then generalise to think others can’t afford their hosting.

        1. Lol! Not to diminish your omniscient powers of speculation, but I was in fact aware they had a website. As hard as it is to fathom, there are some of us who actually work in the same industry as printflow, as peripheral an industry as it is to you, and have had direct and indirect dealings with them. Shocking to think we would be interested in industry related coverage huh?!

          As for TZ’s “rush” to imply arrears, did you actually read the notice? Unless billing is pulling double duty as technical support, the inference is obvious!

          You usually have some interesting takes, heck, even this one has some redeeming qualities but please, check your own assumptions

          1. Supposing you are in the same industry as Printflow, how would an article on their website being suspended help you? Surely, if you had visited it, that would have been blatantly apparent. I doubt any sane person visited their site and was left wondering and wanting for a presumptive explanation on web hosting suspensions.

            Anyway, most web hosts reuse the same suspension page, regardless of the root problem. The operator marks the site as suspended and the notice is automatically applied. Would you expect them to put a “This site was hacked, please contact tech support for attention page”? It is impractical to have a suspension page for every possible circumstance.

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