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Youth Opportunities Hub, a local start-up offering access to global opportunities

Youth Opportunities Hub, Opportunities Zimbabwe

If you are a Zimbabwean youth and constantly look for global opportunities, then you have probably come across Youth Opportunities Hub in your search queries. Let’s delve deeper into what Youth Opportunities Hub is all about. 

Youth Opportunities Hub! What does it do? 

Youth Opportunities Hub (YOH) is a Youth Organization with a mission to influence the youth to attain greater heights, making great Opportunities available as well as ways of accessing them.

Various global opportunities such as Scholarships, Fellowships, International Jobs, Online Courses, grants just to name a few, are published on a daily basis. Youth Opportunities Hub draws its membership from over 100 countries worldwide.

YOH is the most effective platform to find the latest opportunities for free and avail important educational content for continued self-development. The end goal is to empower youths through access to information.

Problem solved

Information is indeed power! What can we achieve in this world without information? We succeed in life because we have the access to the information we want at the right time. So many people out there especially the youths lack access to critical information regarding opportunities that can change the course of their lives. 

It’s so painful when you hear someone saying, “I didn’t know about it…”. That’s why Youth Opportunities Hub exists, to provide information to every youth. The information is delivered digitally via YOH’s website. The interest in tech-entrepreneurship stems from our goal to leverage technology for the greater good to bring about positive social impact.

Who is behind YOH? Who are the Founders? 

Youth Opportunities Hub was co-founded by Shingirayi Kondongwe and Hupile Matora. After spending 24 months in the diaspora doing his Masters under the African Union Commission Scholarship, Shingirayi came back to Zimbabwe around March 2020. By that time, his friend Hupile had already left Zimbabwe on a Scholarship to Turkey to undertake his Master’s degree. It just took Shingirayi 2 months of his stay in the country to realize that, not much was done when it comes to the dissemination of information regarding opportunities. 

“We realized that the problem we have today is getting information to young people, and that’s how Youth Opportunities Hub was born…”, Shingirayi said. The other challenge is that most young people are very skeptical of such information.

Speaking about the authenticity of these opportunities, Shingirayi said, “Most youths always ask me the same question, ‘are these opportunities legit’? Look! I am a beneficiary of these opportunities…in August 2018 I received a fully-funded master’s scholarship from the African Union Commission…even my colleague who is in Turkey, ask him how he got there?”.

You can check out Youth Opportunities Hub for yourself with the link here.

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