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FBC carries out maintenance on their MasterCard platform

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If you are an early riser like me and woke up early this morning to make an online payment using your FBC prepaid MasterCard you might have experienced issues. It turns out FBC decided to be considerate enough to carry out system maintenance on their platform during the dead of night when fewer people would be using the service.

The notice about the planned maintenance was posted late yesterday evening and there has been no follow up message from FBC regarding how the exercise went but based on the timetable shown and a few payment attempts I made it seems the system is working as it should. I didn’t have any planned online payments I wanted to make so I cannot really be sure.

More “polite” updates would be nice

In the past, I have seen ZOL being this polite in terms of waiting until the dead of night before carrying out system maintenance work. Most of their exercises often take place during night hours when fewer people are likely to be using the system and end at daylight.

It’s nice to see FBC emulate this and I do wish more and more service providers would adopt these polite updates which are less disruptive. While needed upgrades can be disruptive in ways that can impact people’s lives.

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