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First Capital will now call you if there is any suspicious card activity

first Capital Bank call card transactions suspicious card cloning suspicious transactions

The folks at First Capital Bank have stepped up security when it comes to fraudulent or suspicious card transactions. This is obviously in response to the worrying number of card cloning and fraud cases that are being reported online. In an effort to notify cardholders of any suspicious activity that they might not be aware of, First Capital Bank will now call its customers if they think a transaction or a set of them are suspicious.

Security Alert! We now have a call back verification process whenever a card transaction is flagged as suspicious. We will reach you from caller ID 08677007336

First Capital Bank via SMS

This is the kind of thing that we welcome with open arms for two reasons. The first is that First Capital Bank seems to be keenly aware of the cases of card fraud and cloning that are happening. As a measure to minimise any damage that might happen, if a customer’s card has been taken or duplicated, they saw it fit to call their clients.

The second reason is that this is a reversal of the prevailing order. In most cases, customers would normally have to get in touch with their bank in order to get assistance once they have realised something is amiss.

Situations like these are often long and drawn out with the customer having to explain “x, y and z”. I don’t know about you but whenever I am in a situation like this I am often very impatient with customer services because the protocols they some times have to follow feel like they are going the long way round.

And in some cases this is true. However, with this announcement from First Capital, their customer services teams are already primed. If there is no cause for concern then there is no harm done but if there is something that needs addressing then a prompt response can be enacted very early and with minimal hair pulling on the customer’s end.

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One thought on “First Capital will now call you if there is any suspicious card activity

  1. Am very proud of First capital bank now I don’t need to go in long ques for purchasing zesa tockens am doing it in the comfort of my home simple , easy and convenient .

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