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New ZESA tariffs show a 30% increase in price

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A couple of days ago we reported that ZESA tariffs were projected to go up by about as much as 25%. Well… according to Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) circular, effective (May 26th, 2021), the price of ZESA has gone up by 30%!

Raised ZESA tariffs vs old prices

BandOld Price (ZWL$/kWh)
(Inclusive of levies)
New Price (ZWL$/kWh)
(Inclusive of levies)
(i) 0 to 50 kWh1.732.25
 (ii) 51 to 100 kWh3.474.51
 (iii) 101 to 200 kWh6.067.89
 (iv) 201 to 300 kWh8.6611.26
 (v) 300 to 400 kWh8.8912.94
 (vi) 401 kWh and above10.3913.50
If you want to see how many units you will get according to the new prices you can use the Techzim ZESA calculator here.
And here’s where to buy your ZESA tokens online.

Buy ZESA tokens

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17 thoughts on “New ZESA tariffs show a 30% increase in price

    1. Sure, and the finance minister should consider revising tax brackets. It serves no purpose to have increased salaries but still having Mthuli eating up a huge chunk of that hard earned money.

  1. Can you kindly help with the table of prices against units for example 400units against price zvichikwira coz vamwe maths dzotinetsa

  2. Do zesa no that they are loosing revenue due to illegal connections and most businesses are bypassing the Meter and being charged less than 10usd a month and this is being orchestrated by zesa employee who are given money how often do you do routen checks on metres

  3. Ini hangu ndorwadziwa zvikuru vamamwe kubhadhara 100 bond panenge pane ka7 families vachibika beans makuru chimodho
    Handi bike bheke kana beans magetsi achudhura zvekuti hokoyo
    Zvakafanana nekuti 5kgs dzehupfu vamwe varikutenga ne 10 bond vamwe ne 500 bond
    Paongororei ipapo

    Mafixed ne

  4. Kindly tell us ukuthi how much do I pay for 300 units because this breakdown of units and it’s cost does not help. Mina ngifuna ukwazi ukuthi i300 units yimalini. SIMPLE

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