OK Zimbabwe has stopped accepting USD payments because of SI 127

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The long arm of Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021 (SI 127 of 2021) has reached one of Zimbabwe’s biggest retailers. In a memo to all branches, OK Zimbabwe will not be accepting USD payments because of the separation of receipts provision under SI 127 of 2021.


To: All Branches

Att: All Branches, Financial Services, FInance, Operations Managers

From: Business Information Systems

Date: 28/05/2021

Ref #: CNGEFX/05/21


This memorandum serves to inform all branches that as a result of Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021, they can no longer accept foreign currency as a payment option at the tills, effective immediately. Our receipts at the tills are not yet in compliance with the SI which states that inter alia, a seller of goods or services is not allowed to issue a buyer thereof a receipt in Zimbabwe dollars for payment received in foreign currency, to record sales other than in the currency in which the sale was conducted.

OK Zimbabwe is buying and selling foreign currency, through our RBZ licenced bureau de changes branches, therefore, branches are advised to encourage customers intending to purchase at the till with foreign currency to sell their forex at the bureau as we are offering much better rate than at the tills.

OK Zimbabwe

This memo will also extend to its subsidiaries, Bon Marche and OK Mart

The first part about SI 127 of 2021 and receipts is pretty straightforward but also highlights the fact that businesses weren’t given enough time to calibrate their purchase points.

Secondly, this memo shows OK Zimbabwe’s privileged position when it comes to adjusting to SI 127 of 2021. As mentioned above, some OK supermarkets have Bureaux de Change in house and, as branches were directed, can divert customers there to change USD into local currency.

This is something that not all retailers have and many customers will be forced to either abandon their groceries or go out and find a money changer and get the USD converted at the black market rate.

Lastly, the fact that OK Zimbabwe has Bureaux de Change puts them at an unfair advantage (in the wake of SI 127 of 2021). What I mean by this is that they can buy up USD from customers (who are willing) for local currency making a profit off that as well as the wares/groceries those same customers will buy in OK’s supermarkets.

It should be noted that what OK is doing isn’t illegal. It’s just that they are at a far better position than most businesses, which are some of the nuances that the government seems to overlook when it institutes these sweeping reforms…

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  1. Anonymous

    Hayas i just remember the artical you were scrutinizing the RBZ incentives

    Little did we all knew that SI 127 was just around the corner

    Our government is not that Straight forward its not transparent

    Zvine kahutsotsi sooo kkk

    Keeping money under the pillow is a way to go in Zimbabwe especially if they are USD never trust your money with a crook

  2. Thomas Moyo

    What’s the impact of this SI to the Stock market?

  3. Abhero

    This is just a way to raise funds gvt ayisisina any strategies of getting money yet knowing that Zimbos have Forex,remember the Nostro issue that led to accounts being frozed and account holders give RTGS “it will not work” pamberi nekuisa mari pasi pe Pillow

  4. Anonymous

    What a shame? The whole thing is just obnoxious and unsympathetic.

  5. Anonymous

    Manje mantra. Mhamha dze vanhu

  6. Chichi

    Manje manyura mbavha dzevanhu

  7. Anonymous

    Typical government crooks. Mbavha… Focused on taking from the people.. as per norm… they Never do anything helpful. Always make it worse… Basop Zimbabweans…more tax money going to be eaten and used to buy Houses and cars.. mirauone

  8. Doug WeManyika

    We cannot continue to be so blind to the obvious and still claim to be an educated lot as Zimbabweans.
    The only sustainable option is using our own currency across the board. Its the only way it can gain value.
    The problem is we have too many half-backed theorists who are married to the ‘trickle-down’ economics of the Chicago School. They can’t see nor hear any evil about their ideas which do not address 21st Century development needs.
    Production and exchange create value of a currency – in itself the USD$ has no value.
    Think about it. Why is it that despite owing trillions to Chinese US still has a global demand? Outside evident and obvious manipulation of the international monetary system, we the natives of Africa and elsewhere still have an insatiable appetite for stuff American, we still chase after their produce disproportionately. Lets be practical or else wallow in economic strife generation after generation.

  9. Doug

    Posting comments in today’s Zimbabwe can be a waste of time. It appears there is a general bias towards publishing views from people who have never written anything on real economics, those who see evil in everything government does. Its a shame.

  10. Talent

    Unotoshaya kuziva kuti zviri kumbofamba sei

  11. Talent

    Zim zim zim

  12. Anonymous

    Haaaaa…just when you think things are starting to look up in Zim. And then we are told to persevere, to smile through it all. No wonder people are bailing the first chance they get.

  13. Jay jay

    Zim it’s a shame. Duty we pay in US dollars what a shame

    1. Prince

      Hapana zvaunoziva hanti

  14. Anonymous

    It is very interesting what Zimbabwean can do.who are your economists? They have no heart.

  15. Unnonimus

    Kkkkkkk Zimbabwe is open for business

  16. Prince

    Its a great move which has been done namagunja only pple don’t know kuti its for their benefit. Look fo example chinhu chauri kuchajiwa 120$ maOk unenge wakuchiwana at around 90$, zvinongoda munhu anounderstander economics chete.

  17. James Chakanyuka

    Whatever this government does, you must know that there’s something behind it. There’s someone who’s going to make a killing out of this.

  18. King

    It’s an advantage to us but I foresee the rise of goods in zwl coz wt USD it was more like promotion prices manje tichatenga asi zvichakwira and hope the President won’t say kana usina chokukwidza kwidza trouser

  19. James mheuka

    Our economists must go back to school and learn the rules of demand and supply. What is happening is not in line with economic terminology

  20. Anonymous

    Ko maSuper akuita marii nhai nema Stallion ndozvakandikoshera muhupenyu hwangu.

  21. Tinashe chimombo

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  22. Kenzo

    I have a feeling that someone is trying to mop up usd in the market and the rtgs is so substantial that it can cause currency depreciation. Remember that time some China guys who shook the market when they where paid by the government. Cartels are at it again they want all you usd. Do give it to them keep it. Vajaira kudya zvemahara. Imbwa dzevanhu.

  23. Bobolicious

    Yh Zimbabwe munojairira vanhuu

  24. Tavaine clarke

    I love your zimbabwe because your legendary Africans country in africa roberts Mugabe rip legandary black man in Africa i love you diaspora European brothers tavaine clarke

  25. Stewarttiffany

    Ok nice

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