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Senditoo partners with Star FM to takeover Tilder Live & more

Senditoo Star FM

One of the biggest things for any business these days is how many people know about it. This can be in passing by just simply remembering the name/logo or having a vague idea of what it does. This is vital because a business can expand its pool of potential customers and that’s what Senditoo is trying to do with its partnership with Star FM.

As I am sure you are already aware, Star FM is one of the biggest radio stations in Zimbabwe. It has a wide and diverse audience because it caters for a number of needs. Chief among those needs is Zimbabweans’ love of news, stories, drama or as we say “kuda zvinhu”. Star FM achieved this through shows like Tilder Live, The Breeze with Mai Juda and the Breakout with Olla7.

The first show, Tilder Live, is probably their most popular because it explores topics that are spoken of in hush tones in polite society. This makes it all the more alluring because something discussed on the show might have some bearing on your life but is something you can’t readily talk about.

So how does Senditoo fit into all of this?

Well, Senditoo (as the title suggests) is going to be taking over those shows as part of the partnership with Star FM. As previously mentioned this will ensure the company, which started out in airtime and now is well on its way to establishing itself in remittance, is a Zim staple.

“This new partnership with Star FM demonstrates our commitment to establishing a strong presence in Zimbabwe that goes beyond the existing business model”

Takwana Tyaranini, co-founder Senditoo

The Senditoo team is keen to work with respected radio personalities and producers. This relationship could also present opportunities for both Senditoo and StarFM to grow in ways they might have never imagined.

“We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create a robust communications initiative that will not only allow Senditoo to reach a wider audience, but will also create opportunities for both entities to grow through this collaboration.”


I don’t know about you but I am keen to see what these two have in store.

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