Strive Masiyiwa named among the World’s Greatest Leaders by Fortune

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Strive Masiyiwa, Fortune World's Greatest Leaders

Econet Group founder Strive Masiyiwa has been named by Fortune on its 50 World’s Greatest Leaders List coming in at number 48. Zimbabwe’s billionaire telecoms mogul had a very eventful 2020 starting with being named as a special representative to the African Union in charge of the COVID-19 response.

Masiyiwa was central to the creating of the Africa Medical Supply Platform (ASMP) which is an online marketplace designed to make it easier for African Union member nations to receive PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), COVID medication and vaccines.

On the last part about vaccines, the road is still long because the current commitment of 700 million doses falls short of the billion plus people on the African continent. However, he was among many in the private sector who acted promptly to get the ball rolling and fortify Africa’s position during the height of the pandemic.

On a personal level, Masiyiwa became the first Africa to sit on the board of the world’s biggest streaming service, Netflix. This was yet another feather in his cap as he is involved with a number of different enterprises the world over.

You can check out the rest of Fortune’s 50 World’s Greatest Leaders list with the link here.

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  1. Kudzi

    Go go Mr Strive Masiyiwa. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The man fears the Lord.He also does smart investments which are meant to help the vulnerable in the society. Keep going my mentor.

    1. Shamiso

      One of the rich man in Aftica who has managed to maintain his family and visions intact. We haven’t heard of him being a womanizer or having children all over like other African man who believe that riches are associated with so many women. May God continue to elevate you Mr. Masiiwa!!

  2. Sandrah Gilbert

    I am in awe of this guy loads of respect I tell you. He is humble, kind and has alot of wisdom in business ethics. I am proud to be called a Zimbabwean because of people like him. Enough Respect and props to you Strive…. Leader by example that we can do it

  3. Shelton Shava

    Mr S Masiiwa you are a best mentor in my life.You are God given leader. Your heart bleeds for the vulnerable. You one in million who managed his Spiritual life against the worldly things. I salute you man of God.

  4. Eng John Love

    You are a wonder just like me : We both look like Images of Christ. Keep it up buddie . Lots of 💕💕💕 from EN GLOBAL PROPERTIES .

  5. Wellington Marufu

    you are the Best creation in Zimbabwe Mr Masiiwa your our beacon of hope my man. You are a mentor in all aspects of life. I hope to follow your footsteps. Halala

  6. Kudakwashe Badzaratyoka

    I respect you Sir. Masiyiwa you are a mentor to us as young generation, I’m also motivated by your humbleness, there so many people who are very rich but what they offer to the community is show off life style, but you are one of your mind you don’t show up but you just stretch your hand to the need. I proud to have you as our citizen. Keep it up. Keep pressing on big brother.

  7. Fredrick Mafira

    You are such an amazing great man with a big heart driven by the Holy Spirit. May God add more years to your life filled with Wisdom.

  8. Brobee mrat

    You are man of the people will salute you

  9. Noel ZUZIA

    Only God knows why we only have you ,A rare spice full of compassion,you have been the Moses of our time.Born and certified by heaven of true worship,Kugovana ne Shirikadzi ,nenherera Nava rombo panguva yavo yokutambura .I pray God multiply you more into eternity.

  10. Fortune Zhou

    Strive masiyiwa inspires me in every way God bless the work of your hands and serve Zimbabwe as a nation. GO MASIYIWA

  11. Tatenda Gwangwadza

    My Leader. Congratulations,you always representing Zim in a very positive light. My humble God fearing leader big ups.

  12. Anonymous

    *everybody praising strive thinking he’ll give them something.😂😂😂. He doesn’t even know you. All he cares about is his business

  13. Gordon Mware

    Hello author, I loved your article, keep up the good work. I wish there were more like him in this lovely country.

    Looking forward to your next articles

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