TelOne deploys new high-speed internet transmission technology

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Tejas Networks, an Indian telecoms provider, has announced that TelOne has begun rolling out its high-capacity optical communications system called the 100G/100G+ coherent DWDM solution (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing).

“While conventional DWDM systems are typically limited to carrying 2.5Gbps of bandwidth per wavelength, recent advances in coherent DWDM technology can deliver 100G and 100G+ (greater than 100G) bitrates per wavelength over longer distances at the lowest cost.”

Tejas Networks

The deployment follows the selection of Tejas Networks as a provider and a successful field trial that was done by TelOne. The DWDM system will prove key for TelOne’s network expansion because the technology is used to increase bandwidth over existing fibre networks. DWDM operates by transmitting a combination of multiple signals at the same time and on the same fibre link.

“We are delighted that TelOne has deployed our latest 100G/100G+ DWDM/OTN technology for its network expansion. Our solution empowers our customers to diversify their existing DWDM vendor base and use our proven, cost-effective solution to expand and inter-operate”.

Mr. Sanjay Nayak, CEO and MD of Tejas Networks

TelOne Managing Director Chipo Mtasa, said that this development will aid the ISP in meeting the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and higher internet speeds.

“We were impressed by the capabilities of the Tejas’ solution and its ability to seamlessly carry 100G services with no inter-operability issues. Tejas products have very versatile software, are simple to configure and easy to operate. We appreciate the support of a highly responsive Tejas team, that was able to design and deliver an end-to-end network solution in the shortest period of time.”

Chipo Mtasa, TelOne Managing Director

TelOne is on a roll…

This latest partnership with Tejas follows TelOne’s announcement that it had signed a multi-year deal with French satellite operator Eutelsat. That deal was for TelOne’s Ka-Band VSAT offering and now the state-owned ISP has fortified its fibre connection with the 100G/100G+ coherent DWDM solution.

I for one can’t wait to see what else TelOne has in store, they are definitely making a case for themselves with the movements they have been making of late.


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