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Top 10 Zim YouTube channels: earnings, views & subscribers

YouTube, Top 10 Zim YouTube Channels

YouTube has been a revelation for the liberalisation of content creation the world over. In Zimbabwe, it took power out of the hands of the monopoly that is the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and handed it down to anyone who has a camera and data. So I thought it would be interesting to look at the top 10 YouTube channels in Zim according to three of the platform’s most important metrics, subscribers, views and earnings.

The rankings come from SocialBlade, which is a site that tracks a number of social media sites and how various creators on the platform rank.

The following are the rankings for content creators that have their location set to Zimbabwe. This might mean that some Zim content creators have been left out because their location is set elsewhere

Top 10 Zim YouTube channels according to subscriber count

ChannelSub count
ITAP Media455K
Jah Prayzah363K
King Gryph330K
Naiza Boom218K
Comic Pastor116K
Wild is Life Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery106K
TV7 Live Zimbabwe Africa100K
Zimpraise Legacy TV99.5K

Top 10 Zim YouTube channels according to views & earnings

A high subscriber count is a good thing to have because it makes you very attractive to in-channel advertisers and sponsors. However, the money on YouTube for those without either is in the view count. This is, of course, if the Google-owned company thinks that you are advertiser-friendly and if its algorithm boosts your content.

As you will see below, some of the highest viewed channels are making less than lower-ranked ones on the list. And it should be noted that the following, in terms of earnings, are estimates by Social Blade. They might not actually be the real thing but can give an idea of what is being made on YouTube by Zimbabwean content creators.

ChannelTotal viewsEstimated Monthly Earnings
Jah Prayzah139,986,626US$643 – US$1.3K
King Gryph110,114,202US$18 – US$282
ITap Media107,053,164US$610 – US$9.8K
Naiza Boom52,319,281US$820 – US$13.1K
Naxo Films38,918,421US$214 – US$3.4K
Fetboy Slim37,532,511US$20 – US$320
Kurt Haas36,139,659US$118 -US$1.9K
Wild is Life Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery34,362,811US$107 – US$1.7K
NashTv35,365,130US$584 – US$9.3K
CHRIST TV31,950,629US$97 – US$1.6K

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