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You may soon be able to get a job through TikTok…

TikTok job

I’ll admit from the jump that I have never understood TikTok. To me it is a fast-paced, brightly coloured, challenge filled mess. It might be that I have never given it enough time but the thought of trying to find my way around it has is not been appealing in the slightest. However, where I may see no use for it, there are millions who flock to it daily and now you might soon be able to apply for a job via Tiktok.

For all of you who are confused, you are in good company because this announcement sideswiped me and many others. The back story to this is that some content creators on TikTok have been giving career advice. And with the way freelancing and remote work have taken off this year, it looks like TikTok is taking this niche seriously.

According to a report by Axios, TikTok is testing out a tool that will allow brands to recruit employees through its platform. The recruitment tool is however not going to be linked with TikTok’s main site but will be separate.

Users will be able to post resume videos to that platform. Whenever this comes to be, you will be making a pitch of your skills and experience. You will also be able to add your resume to your TikTok profile as well…

Preliminary Verdict

This is a really smart way of getting people noticed. TikTok is extremely popular and has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. If this takes off it could be a way for would-be influencers to get a heavy hitter on their side.

However, with what I can make of TikTok through the hell that is Instagram reels. People post a lot of things that they may not want a potential employer to see. I am sure you all remember the Silhoutte challenge that was making waves back in February.

In places more progressive than Africa, a potential employer may look at that and not bat an eye. But in these parts, that will most certainly work against you.

That’s if the service is extended to Zimbabwe…

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