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Econet has finally zero-rated its create your own bundle app YoMix

Econet YoMix Zero-rated bundle

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has zero-rated one of its more interesting products YoMix. I am sure that you have at some point heard of YoMix or you might be one of those who use it regularly. If you haven’t come across the service before, it allows you to create your own bundles across voice, SMS and data.

As useful as the service is for those who want a more personalised way of allocating their airtime, there was one flaw that the app version had. Which is you had to have data in order to use it. This obviously meant that you had to buy a bundle or make sure you still had data. I mean if you wanted you could access YoMix via USSD (*142#) but that isn’t always the best way for everyone. And well… it looks like the folks over at Econet have solved the issue for those not USSD-inclined by zero-rating the app or making it free to access.

 “YoMix will help us deliver valuable digital products and services right into the customer’s hands, along with the control and capability for them to decide which product packages they want, and to customize the specific bundles they want to purchase”

Econet Wireless

Apart from the app being zero-rated. Econet has reiterated that the app is open to all of its customers not just those part of its Elevate youth and lifestyle based segment. This is something that Econet did in 2019 after those not between the ages of 16 to 34 came down with a serious case of FOMO.

Apart from allowing you to create your own bundles, you can also do the following on the newly zero-rated YoMix:

  • Share airtime, subscribers can buy and split airtime.
  • Borrow airtime, you get to borrow airtime at 10% interest.
  • Gifts, you can make a bundle and buy it for a subscriber of your choice
  • Overscratched cards, redeem airtime from overscratched cards which you can not see the recharge numbers (that’s if you still buy recharge cards).

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Update: We have seen in the comments that YoMix seems to have Zero-rated some time ago and we have reached out to Econet for clarification. Thank you for the feedback.

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13 thoughts on “Econet has finally zero-rated its create your own bundle app YoMix

    1. people should never jump to android 11 because a lot of app developers havent made their apps compatible with it.even Android 10
      +Android 11 now has strict persmissions which you will wish you were on lower versions.if your phone can downgrade do it, coz i doubt most developers will fix dat compability soon

      Moreso; As ive said before Techzim people dont verify their things before they post. Techzim should venture into telling us other than Yomix, like Econet’s YoPlay games, more zero rated site like Zol’s university websites which are free, as well as telones free zero rated sites like from other countries amongst other things. let me stop here because i will now be doing your job.But if you do this, that will be a big step from you

      1. Yeah Zimbabwe is 🤭🤫🙄😏… there’s Android 12 already yet their app not support Android 11

  1. Please tell econet to fix their app, i does not work on most phones. They should be aware of this. It doesn’t make sense to rush to Zero rate before they make sure the app is functioning well.

  2. Does the writer really NOT KNOW that Yomix has been Zero rated quite a long time ago ?.More interestingly where in 2021 did he get that Information? But I’m sure this article might help others who didn’t know about the zero rating

  3. The Problem about Yomix is that they say, it allows you to create your own bundles across voice, SMS and data. No its not true they are choosing the prices for us & one more thing i asked someone at econet shop that, what is the use of yomix app she said the more you use the App the more the discount, at first it was like that but i realised that my Grandmother and my sister who are not using the App are paying less than me.The prices are $35,64 & $19,80 for 50MB see the difference those who really need internet they charge more.
    Sometimes i feel so stupid by using econet.

  4. One thing I wish Econet to do is to fix the crashes. Everytime at first launch when I tap the phone number (fill in space) the app exits on it’s own. But after a relaunch it works well. I hate that I have to do this everytime.

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