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Econet launches ZWL$4K MiFi KaMbudzi which comes with 6GB of free data

Econet Smart Kambudzi, 4G MiFi

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has announced the launch of a MiFi KaMbudzi feature phone which will come with 6GB of free data and costs ZWL$4,877.00

Now, this is big news because one of the things that people were buying up over the pandemic were MiFi routers. This is mainly because getting internet from an ISP is very expensive be it ADSL, Fibre or LTE, that’s if your area is covered by any providers.

MiFi routers are an easy internet entry point for many because they are relatively cheap and all you’ll need is a sim from any one of the countries MNOs. There are also fewer hoops to jump through compared to ZOL’s Wibroniks or Utande’s LTE service. This is saying nothing of TelOne Blaze which is a good product but the state-owned ISP has put a pause on it for reasons unknown.

Now with Econet’s MiFi Kambudzi (which essentially allows you to hotspot), you don’t have to buy a phone and a MiFi router. The product can do what two devices can do for a price that is in and around the higher end MiFi Routers on the market.

4G MiFi KaMbudzi specs

There are no crazy specs with this one because it is after all a feature phone. The biggest headline is that you can connect up to 4 devices to Econet’s MiFi KaMbudzi, on 4G or 3G depending on the coverage in your area.

What I was concerned about was the battery life of the device. The last device that Econet launched was the 3G Smart Kambudzi which had a 1500mAH battery. However, with the tethering feature on the MiFi KaMbudzi, it is probably going to need a little more juice.

Unfortunately, Econet didn’t give the specs for the phone in the promotional material. But it is a Vida and looks like the K242 model which KaiOS and Africell launched in Uganda late last year. Now if it is anything like that phone it will have the same battery capacity as the 3G Smart Kambudzi which might mean that battery is going to be an issue if there are multiple devices being tethered while the phone is being used.

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4 thoughts on “Econet launches ZWL$4K MiFi KaMbudzi which comes with 6GB of free data

  1. MANONOKA. It should have launched like this from the start the market is gone. Cheap itel smartphones and standalone MiFis using zol/blaze simcards have basically carved up the target market for this device. If they had launched the 4G model in place of that original 3G launch it would have been a different story.

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