Africa’s 1st karate world champion now has a docuseries & here’s more about it from the man himself

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Samson Muripo Africa Karate World Champion Yakontent, Yako Story Initiative, First Mutual Holdings

Last week we reported on a docuseries that would detail the journey of Africa’s first Karate World Champion Shihan Samson Muripo. The production was done by a local content platform called Yakontent with the backing of First Mutual Holdings Limited. To get more on about the production I spoke to Tafadzwa Munyaradzi from Yakontent, Farayi Mangwende from First Mutual and the man himself Shihan Samson Muripo.

You can download or play the podcast with the link below. Alternatively, you can send the word “Podcast” on WhatsApp to 0717 684 274 for a copy.

You can watch the first episode of the Samson Muripo Docuseries with the link here.

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